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Liquid Controls Electronic flow meter

Liquid Controls Electronic flow meter

Available Models


Maximum Nominal Flow Rate



1-1/2" or 2"

60 gpm / 227 L/min



2" or 1-1/2"

100 gpm / 380 L/min




150 gpm / 550 L/min




200 gpm / 757 L/min




300 gpm / 1,136 L/min



4" or 3"

350 gpm / 1,325 L/min




450 gpm / 1,700 L/min



4" or 6"

600 gpm / 2,271 L/min




800 gpm* / 3,000 L/min


*Capable of momentary over speed to 1000 gpm


Construction/application classes:


Class 1

Refined petroleum products, bio diesel.

Class 2

Aviation and jet fuel.

Class 3

Variety of products including: liquid sugars, sweeteners, syrups, vegetable oils.

Class 4

Treated waters and solvents where no red metals are allowed.

Class 7

Chlorinated solvents, ethanol.

Class 8

Acid pH liquids including: nitric, phosphoric, glacial acetic acids, citric juices, vinegar, ethanol.

Class 10

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Class 12

Anhydrous ammonia (NH3).

Class 14

Crude oil, heated products, viscous liquids.

Class 15

Oil or water based latex products, polyester resins, adhesives, herbicides, nitrogen fertilizers.

Class 16

General solvents, 200 proof alcohol, ethanol.

Class 20

Batch process water meter service.

Class 27

Alkaline pH liquids: latex products, adhesives, liquid fertilizers.

Class 30


Class 37

Sodium hydroxide solutions, high sulfur crude oil, alkaline pH liquids.

Class 47

Mildly abrasive liquids.

Liquid Controls Liquid Controls electronic flowmeter systems are designed to meet and exceed the increasing demands of today's custody transfer and inventory control operations. Liquid Controls' (LC) has been manufacturing flowmeters and flowmeter accessories for more than 60 years. In that time, LC has built a reputation for reliable positive displacement flowmeter systems that sustain their outstanding accuracy, even in the harshest of environments. More than 30 years ago, in order to enhance the capabilities of the LC positive displacement meter, Liquid Controls began designing and developing electronic registers and data processors for flowmeter systems. Since then, LC has consistently produced leading edge electronics for flowmeter systems, pioneering a number of advances in flowmeter data processing and Weights & Measures-approved electronic registration. Today, LC electronic flowmeter systems measure with near-perfect accuracy over a full range of flow rates and throughout a wide range of viscosities. They are easy to use and maintain their high performance in harsh fixed-site and vehicle-mounted environments. LC electronic flowmeter systems streamline dataflow between the flowmeter and your office network, increase the security of your inventory, and promote a safer work environment for your employees. Liquid Controls remains committed to providing straightforward, practical solutions to the challenges you face today and generating innovative opportunities to help you build your future. 
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